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Towards an emotional and reasonable response to the 9/11/2001 terrorism
In the long term the world needs a stronger peace even if in the short term war may be inevitable. The first priority must be to grieve our lost relatives and fellow citizens. Recovering from the economic damages and restoring our national security system are also high priorities. But we should not allow fear and anger to overcome our hope and attachment to the ideal of freedom.

The building momentum for a crusade against terrorism is frightening. The universal HEADLINE "Attack Against America" is counterproductive. The obvious responce to such a headline is that "America" should counterattack. This attack was against humanity, not just America. The targets, New York City and Washington, are the financial capital and the military stronghold of the free world. The response must be global. While it is right that we find and punish the allies of the terrorists responsible for the suicide missions on 9/11/2001, it is irresponsible to imagine that we can identify and eliminate all terrorists everywhere in the world.

We should resist calls to diminish civil liberties and instead we should campaign vigorously to enhance the civil liberties of the global community. As Americans we need to make a new commitment to education of Americans as global citizens. Making friends around the World is what Americans and American government should do. We need to come together to wage a concerted effort to accomplish a purpose, PEACE. Terrorists are sick people reflecting social and economic weaknesses of our society. Let’s work together to support global ideological and political freedoms.

I do not disagree with the Office of Homeland Security created by the President to oversee and coordinate domestic efforts to prevent terrorist actions. But my heart and brain both tell me we also need an Office of Global Cooperation to initiate and coordinate international efforts to institute and promote individual freedoms and means of non-violent conflict resolution.

Benja 9/21/2001

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“If I can talk generically -- I don't want to speak specifically about any nation or any organization -- this is going to be a sustained campaign on terrorism. And I think it is quite clear to most, if not all, in this room that this is not just military in nature. Its political, its economic, it will mean sharing of intelligence. So I think there is a role of some sort for every nation who is disgusted by terrorism and has had enough.”
Richard Armitage, US Deputy Secretary of State
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