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Your Internet Superhighway Hosting plan 

Website Hosting by Eastcreekwebs.com

If you already have Internet access,
all you need is a domain name and a Webserver to host your domain name
for your Website and email.

Your URL will look like this:

$10.00 / mo. payable $120.00 / yr. and Domain Name Registration $15 / yr.

There is no setup fee and no contract required for this account and you have absolute freedom to cancel at any time. Billing is on an annual basis.
Your virtual server will include:

  • A dedicated Internet Protocol (IP) Number
  • Assignment or transfer of your domain name to your IP number
  • 20 MB of business Web space for your Web pages and images
  • Your Web space can support unlimited traffic per month
  • 24-hour access to your Web space via FTP or MS-FrontPage
  • Online email panel to setup unlimited email aliases and POP3 e-mail boxes
  • Basic Website Statistics reporting

Eastcreekwebs.com will provide technical support.

The core services of Eastcreekwebs.com Virtual Server System - WWW, FTP, CGI, and E-mail - are completely configurable under Red Hat Linux or Windows NT, whichever platform you prefer (please specify if you plan to use MS-FrontPage, so we know to set up your web space to support FrontPage Extensions).

A National Internet Service Provider (ISP) with high speed access, reliability and great personal service is what sets Web Hosting by Eastcreekwebs.com apart. Super high speed supervised bandwidth provided by an OC48 plus multiple backup OC-3 connections, helps ensure that your Website and email can be accessed easily and quickly.


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