Links to A Proposed Revision of Southold Town’s Website

Proposed Revision of Southold Town’s Website

Southold Town’s Official Website

Side by Side

A website has the potential to be the most effective and also the most economical means of communication between Southold Town government and the people of Southold Town. Southold Town is lucky to have retired residents with great knowlege and wisdom and some of the smartest kids in the world!

What if I can’t use a computer?
Cant, or dont? The facts are that most people do or can. Many people will depend on someone else to get their computers setup (and maybe to turn it on!), but even if you cant click a button (or roll a mouse) you probably know someone who does and can. If you have a library card you can use the computers in the library (and have a web savvy librarian to assist you).

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