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Eastcreekwebs connects your offline presence with your online presence and with the rest of the web.
Most sites are lost in the web. It makes no difference if you’re website is a disaster or a great webdesign unless websurfers find your website.
Website Architecture by Benja Schwartz Where is your website?
Don't get lost in the web!
Search Engine optimization is the process of designing webpages to rank high in search results. Keywords and keyword phrases in text and in HTML <TITLE>, <META> and <ALT> tags are the foundation of achieving top positions in the search engines. Developing keyword collections is a process of creative writing and web research. Beginning with designing your homepage to serve as both an introduction and an invitation to browse your website, eastcreekwebs.com will optimize every one of your webpages. Your website will be built to place high in the search engine rankings.
Eastcreekwebs.com will also submit your Website to search engines such as Google and search directories such as Yahoo and Open Directory Project. While eastcreekwebs.com can not promise you a top position for generic search terms, you will be found by Websurfers searching with specific and relevant search terms.
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